When you’re updating or remodeling your kitchen one of the finishing touches will be choosing the perfect countertop material.  The most common products being used in countertops today are natural stones – marble and granite.  When trying to decide between the two consider the following:

  • While the initial price of marble and granite are fairly close, there are considerations to be made.  No two pieces of granite or marble may be the same as they are each natural stone that come in slabs.  Depending on your budget you will most likely be able to find a variety of both marble and granite slabs that meet your needs and are within your budget.  The key in deciding price is to determine the ongoing upkeep of marble over granite as well as the longevity of each.
  • Marble is a softer stone than granite and is less stain resistant.  While marble can still be a great product for your kitchen, you’ll need to understand the additional care that should be taken when installing and caring for marble countertops.  Granite on the other hand is very durable and can even withstand cutting directly on the surface.  You’ll find that granite can withstand the heat of pots and pans as well as resist staining when properly sealed.
  • The selection offered in both granite and marble are similar in that they are both natural stones that come in a variety of colors with different veins of color or marbling textures throughout.  When deciding the on the product to use in your new kitchen you should first decide on the type of material and then look at the color selection available to find a slab that meets the color requirements you are looking for.  For durable kitchen surfaces granite not only offers more durability by often a wider selection of slabs available for use to coordinate with your planned décor.

When looking for something that can add not only aesthetic value but also durability in your newly designed kitchen consider granite as it has proven to be the better option.  Whichever of the fine stones you choose learn about the care and upkeep of your new countertops.  By taking care to use the right products and following cleaning recommendations you can ensure your countertops will last as long as your beautiful new kitchen. To get started on kitchen countertop replacement, contact Out of the Woods today 801-444-9663!

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